Carmen Yamberla Moran

Executive Director
Federación Indigena y Campesina de la Inrujta (FICI), Ecuador


Bachelors degree in Humanities. She has taken many international and national courses including human relations, citizen participation, administration, accounting, planning, applied technology, environmental rights, biodiversity, sustainable development, political science, dialogue strategy, negotiations and diplomacy. Her many activities include the organization of women's, young people's, communal and cooperative groups within the region, and H.S. students, villages and indigenous groups within Central and South America (in conjunction with the U.N.). FICI represents more than 160 communities in Ecuador. The themes she is most concerned with include: natural resources and the environment, sustainable development for indigenous peoples, international affairs, collective rights and self-determination, intellectual property, the role of women in development, environmental and industrial policy, cultural identity, indigenous cosmovision.