Executive Summary


This program will bring together 140 women leaders of women's NGOs from throughout Ecuador for a week-long experience of training, inter-cultural sharing and future planning. This first Women's Peace Village will be the culmination of a four-month, grassroots, training, planning and networking process in which 40 women from the Imbabura province will be trained in the administrative and documentary skills they need to produce the Peace Village and to document it on video. This training process will enhance organizational capabilities within the more than 192 communities these women represent. Twenty Imbaburan leaders will receive practical, hands-on workshops in administrative skills including event planning, consensus decision-making, meeting facilitation, coalition building, and networking and will be guided through the four month process needed to organize the Peace Village. Another 20 women will receive a three day intensive workshop on video documentation. Within the Peace Village 140 women NGO leaders will receive training in consensus decision-making, meeting facilitation and local organizing, as well as the opportunity for small group dialogue and practice. The Imbaburan leaders will assist in the trainings. We anticipate this rich experience will generate a women's NGO network in Ecuador.

Emphasis will be on promoting local, national and global awareness of women's diversity, community and sustainability issues, and on the development of the skills needed to take a significant, proactive role in generating solutions to social and environmental problems. Contact with la Caravana, an international mobile ecovillage, and with international expert instructors, will provide rich multi-cultural exchanges. Children of the women leaders will participate in artistic workshops.

The project will begin on June 24, 2001 with participation in the ceremony of Intirraymi, an indigenous celebration preserving and celebrating the cultural heritage of the Kayambi. It will end in December of 2001 after the Women's Peace Village and final evaluations. An hour-long Spanish language video of the Peace Village will assist in replicating the program in Ecuador and other Latin American countries.

This site will include this proposal and addenda and will be updated with current progress reports and program news.